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Local Santa Still Brings Cheer Despite Losing Leg

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CHATTTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Alex Soos of Hixson spent 25 years portraying Santa Claus at venues across the Tennessee Valley.

A major life change last year made it nearly impossible for Soos to book any of his usual Santa gigs.

Because of a health condition, Soos lost one of his legs. It became difficult to book gigs.

But this Christmas, Soos is back in the suit, much to the delight of the children he visited at the Siskin Children's Institute in Chattanooga.

Siskin serves typically developing children as well as children who have special needs.

Soos says, "You know everybody deserves a Santa Claus. But these kids are special."

Most of the children did not even notice there was something different about this Santa.

So, a cosmetic change that took away the big gigs led this Santa to find a place where he can empty his sack and leaves filled with the greatest reward he could image.

"The sparkle in their eyes is worth a million words and then some," he says.

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