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North Chattanooga Among "Best Comeback Neighborhoods"

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Courtesy: Southern Living Courtesy: Southern Living

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Another national magazine is singing the praises of Chattanooga. In the recent edition of Southern Living magazine, North Chattanooga comes in #2 on the Top 10 list of neighborhoods that have turned around for the better.

A portion of the article reads:

We've scoured the South to find these neighborhoods that were once down on their luck but are now resurging with community pride.

"Not long ago most people couldn't find North Chattanooga," says Mike Thompson, who grew up in the neighborhood. "They ignored this side of the river and this neighborhood was falling apart." The first surge of renovations in North Chattanooga coincided with the transformation of the downtown riverfront from an industrial port into a destination. In 1993, the reopening of the Walnut Street Bridge as a walkway to the NorthShore provided the catalyst for even more people to rediscover the neighborhood.

Case in point: Mike and his wife, Karen, rescued an 1890s Victorian-style house just before the first wave of neighborhood improvements. As they've restored their home, fellow renovators have snatched up ornate Victorian houses and small bungalows around them. "I've seen North Chattanooga reborn," says Mike. "It has great architecture and new parks, and I've counted 25 restaurants within a 20- minute walk." 

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