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Police Catch Funeral Car Burglary Suspects

Justin Clutts Justin Clutts
James Bragg James Bragg

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Police say two men ripped off people attending a funeral.

On Monday night, off duty officers and mall security took Justin Clutts and James Bragg into custody, charging them with three counts of Burglary, three counts of Theft under $500 and two counts of Vandalism. Officers were alerted that Clutts and Bragg were using stolen credit cards in the mall but they always seemed to be one store ahead of the officers.

Officers caught them in the mall parking lot and found the entire bed of their pick up truck full of purchases made inside the mall. Police say the merchandise filled the back of a patrol car. 

 The suspects were transported to the Chattanooga Police Service Center where they reportedly confessed to their crimes. They told officers they used a newspaper to scope out area funeral homes and churches where the parking lots would have a large number of cars parked. They targetted Chattanooga Funeral Home on East Brainerd Road and Covenant Presbyterian Church on East Brained Road. One of the suspects would be the lookout while the other suspect would break into the vehicles and take purses and backpacks.

After breaking into the vehicles, they drove to Hamilton Place Mall and racked up charges on the stolen credit cards. Police are not sure yet of the total amount of charges but approximately $2,000 worth of merchandise has been recovered.

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