Fort Oglethorpe, GA (WRCB) -- Early Tuesday morning Catoosa County investigators were called a storage facility to investigate a fire.

A Channel 3 camera was rolling as deputies searched for burned buildings, but what they discovered was a 37-year-old woman.

A sad twist to the story, police say the fire was self inflicted.

We returned to the scene Tuesday afternoon.

Police said the woman gathered some personal belonging out of a shed and set them on fire first before dousing herself in gasoline and setting herself on fire.

We are told she suffered second and third degree burns.

Michelle Bugg has dealt with suicide in her family, she said it is never easy.

Sam Bernard, Ph.D., a local psycholpsychologistround the holidays suicide rates tend to spike.

According to investigators, the woman says tried to reach out to family before this ordeal.

Police said the woman claimed she had no other options, and then set fire herself.

Some say there is always a chance to find help.

Visit the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network at

or call the prevention hotline at 800-273-8255