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More Swine Flu Deaths in Hamilton County

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Hamilton County (WRCB) -- More and more families pour into local health clinics to fight the deadly H1N1 virus, also known as "Swine Flu."

The virus claimed the lives of two more people in Hamilton County, a 25-year-old and aold.

We are told one of the victims experienced the symptoms post pregnancy, but Hamilton County health officials aren't releasing much information.

However, they say now the target audiences for vaccinations are young people ages 18-25 and families with small children.

The two latest victims brings the death toll to five in Hamilton County.

National numbers are rising at an alarming rate.

In the last seven months there have been a reported 67 million cases of swine flu in the us.

The virus has killed at least 50 people in the us the since the outbreak began and overall, an estimated 9,800 hundred fell victim since April.

Health officials warn that another wave of trouble is on the way as early as January.

That's why Samala Sinclair brought her 11-year-old son, Christian Sinclair,  to saturdaSaturday's clinic at the Hamilton Place Mall.

She said classroom germs are her biggest concern.

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