Paul Shahen, Eyewitness News Reporter

Hamilton County, TN (WRCB) -- Continuing coverage today of the damage done to roads by Tuesday morning's rain.   Yesterday we told you about 36 sites T-DOTlisted as priority areas.   Of those 21 are on Tennessee valley roads.   Channel 3 eyewitness reporter Paul shahen spoke with T-DOT today to find out how they plan to stop incidents like the one on signal mountain from happening again.

     Of the 21 that are in our region, 3 are in Hamilton county, like the one right here 5 miles up on Cummings highway. The question is, what is the dot doing to monitor them and keep the community safe.

      As far as plans to fix what's on the list, Lacy Word of T-DOT says, "right now they're going to be monitored, certain ones that can be fixed, whatever repairs can be done to them."

     The problem is in areas like this on Cummings Highway, T-DOT says because of where the road meets the mountain fixing it may not be an option.

     I don't think anything can be done at this point, that's one of the hazards that we have when you cut roads through mountains," said Word, "I think at this point we can just monitor it, and make it as safe as possible."

     Signal Mountain town manager Honna Rogers knows spots like Cummings highway can't be fixed easily, but spots like the crack on signal mountain road have her town a little bothered. She says they made T-DOT aware of the crack before it became a hole in the road, "We understand it's hard to get the funding, these are very expensive fixes. But we have been asking to watch the crack that was in the road that now has fallen off, I've had calls, it's a concern to our citizens there, some are afraid to take in the road down now.  We will start chirping a little louder about cracks in the road."

     As for the priority list, there are no plans to fix the areas in Hamilton county. The dot says they will deal with whatever mother nature has to offer when that situation presents itself. For continuing coverage log onto