CHATSWORTH, GA (WRCB) -- A packed classroom of concerned parents hear from Murray County school administrators on the bullying topic that many feel they have avoided addressing.

Much of the backlash board members faced was due partly to no members or school employees attending a forum on bullying hosted by Channel 3 Eyewitness News December 1st.

The other round of frustrations came from the parent's and supporters of Tyler Long.

In October, the Murray County High School Junior hanged himself in his closet after being bullied repeatedly.

The school, system says they have plan in place to address bullying called "Positive Behavior Support" or PBS.

Under the plan students are punished to the fullest extent for bullying; an issue school officials say has been on-going and will take parent feedback to address.

The school system says they have tried to address each bullying incident directly, but substantial evidence is always hard to prove in some cases.

The Long family, still disheartened over Tyler's death, still believes more could be done.

They have considered taking legal action against the Murray county School system.