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A Problem with Rats

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CLEVELAND (WRCB) - Some Cleveland apartment tenants say they've been raided by rats.

They called Channel 3 to ask for help.  We talked to apartment managers who say an exterminator will be there Saturday to correct the problem.

In the meantime, Tosha Blair says she's fed up.  Blair says she found a bleeding rat on the floor of her laundry room.  The day before, he and her daughter found a bleeding rat on the clothes dryer.  Blair says she can hear them scampering in the ceiling.

Blair says, "They're bleeding all over my stuff what if they bit my kids?  They're still alive and stuff.  It's like oh don't bite me."

Blair says part of the problem is her neighbor is trying to trap the live rats to relocate them.  Managers say all the units will be checked and protected from rats on Saturday.

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