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Two Arrested for Walgreen's Robbery

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The Walgreens pharmacy at this rather busy intersection of Brainerd and Germantown Road is the latest prey of pain pill thieves.

Arthur and Brandy Morrow were arrested saturday after police say arthur slipped the pharmacist a note demanding Oxycontin.

Lately, the widely known prescription pain pill has been targeted by thieves. 

Sgt. Jerri Wearly said, "Anytime you have a supply of anything that is in demand you will have incidents of theft."

It seems like a growing trend. There have been as many as four separate robbery attempts at pharmacies in the last month according to police; all the suspects demanding prescription pills such as Oxycotin or Hydrocodone.

They say many of the thieves abuse the meds or try to sell them on the streets.

Narcotics police were notified once Arthur left the counter and said Brandy Morrow waited in the getaway car outside.

Several witnesses told police they saw Arthur Morrow approach the car, but once he noticed them watching he took off running across the parking lot.

Police arrested Arthur Morrow in a wooded area near the Walgreens.

Before Brandy Morrow could escape officers cornered her car in the parking lot.

Now they both are in police custody, awaiting trial on December 8th.

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Chattanooga police arrested two people they say were involved in robbing a Walgreen's.

Arthur Morrow allegedly handed the pharmacist a note demanding Oxycontin. The pharmacist handed the prescription pain killer over. Morrow left the store, saw he was being watched and so he ran into the woods.

Police searched the area and found Morrow with the pills in hand. While conducting their investigation, they noticed a woman named Brandy Morrow acting suspicious. They found out she drove Arthur Morrow to the store for the robbery.

Both now face charges.

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