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Dangerous Toys

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WASHINGTON (WRCB) -- Your children may be busy making their list for Santa right now, but there are some toys a group says they should leave off.


The organization, World Against Toys Causing Harm, has released this year's top ten worst toys.

The movie "Wolverine" may have been a hit with teens and adults, but the action figure for children as young as four made the list because the slashing claws don't retract.

Disney's Wall-E Foam Rocket Launcher shoots 20 feet in the air, but the high-speed launch could send the missile into a child's face.

The same goes for the small darts on the 'The Spy Gear Viper Blaster'.

The 'Trick Handle', or elastic band that helps kids perform tricks on the 'Moon Board Pogo Board', could snap back if let go, causing impact injuries.


The wheels on the 'Caterpillar Rugged Mini' pose a potential harm, if they come off.

Problems could add up for 'Curious George's First Counting Book' if the medal rod and five wooden beads detach from the book.

He saves Gotham City from crime, but Batman's ears are considered dangerous because they are too pointy and could cause puncture wounds.


But inside the 'Lots to Love Baby's Bathtub', are several small parts that are considered choking hazards.

The small drumstick on the 'Just Kidz Junior Musical Instruments' can also cause a child to choke if put in their mouth.

Finally, parents should keep an eye on kids walking the "Pucci Pup." The long leash is too long and could strangle young ones.


W.A.T.C.H. says that while their is a increased focus on toy safety by the government, parents should read the labels on toys very closely

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