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Dade County Soldier Burglarized While Serving USA In Afghanistan

DADE COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- This is a story that will hit you in the gut  but it's a situation veterans say is becoming all too familiar.

A Dade County, Georgia soldier is overseas serving his country. In the meantime, investigators say thieves have stripped his home of nearly everything he's worked to acquire.

Specialist Jeffrey Farmer is in Afghanistan. It's his 3rd tour of duty.

W. Durham says, "It's a crying shame that a boy's fightin in Afghanistan and they broke into his trailer."

W. Durham owns the farm in Dade where Specialist Farmer lives when he's not on active duty with the Army National Guard.

Durham says, "I promised this boy when he left he tried to give me a key, but I said no I'll make sure it's not broken into, but I didn't."

But what happened here is out of Durham's control.  Farmer had a caretaker looking after his property.  Investigators say it appears the thieves had time to make a plan.  Durham agrees.

He says, "That had to be planned, if ya'll got a few minutes I'll show you the five or six gates they had to get into."

Detectives say the crooks burglarized Farmer's camper home.  That they made off with a television, stereo, even clothes.  They know the thieves stole at least two trucks, a welder,  and tools Farmer was counting on to help him make a living when he finishes his time in Afghanistan.

Bill Lockhart, with the American Legion Post 106 says, "He doesn't wanna come home right now. He doesn't understand what we're really trying to do."

So as Dade County detectives work to track down the suspects responsible. Farmers' fellow American Legion members are working to raise money to replace what crooks swiped from his home.

Lockhart says, "I wanna be able to pick him up at the airport and hopefully in a new truck that belongs to him, toss him the key and say there ya go brother, welcome home."

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