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Local Hero Honored in Cleveland

Cleveland, TN (WRCB) -- After a surprise welcome home for his 2 daughters almost 2 weeks ago, specialist Chris Weir now gets a surprise of his own.

Community members in Cleveland will hold a homecoming party for weir as a way to say thank you.

weir, who just returned to Cleveland after a year long deployment to Iraq, joined the 101-st shortly after his brother, David weir, was killed in action in 2006.

He said he always wanted to serve, and his brother's death, was the motivating factor.

His service to the military was even a shock to his mother, who says the celebration for Chris and also in memory of David.

Weir said the support he has received is beyond what he could have imagined.

He says he hopes to one day live up to his "hero" title, but for now. His focus is to get adjusted back to being home.

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