Eyewitness News is learning more about the Bradley County beating that pushed a teen into a coma.

Three of the four accused of beating 19 year old Timothy Farmer and leaving him for dead were in court Thursday in Bradley County. 

An affidavit reveals Connie Nelson told investigators that she joined her boyfriend Robert Shelton and his son Robert Shelton, Jr. in setting up Farmer for the assault because of something between Shelton's daughter and Farmer.

According to the affidavit, Jr. told detectives that he and Daniel Dixon  chased Farmer down behind a barn and beat him with a ball bat.

 Dixon's appointed defense attorney, Carl Petty says, "I do know he's still hospitalized in serous condition unfortunately, and hopefully he'll get well quick and that will provide the information to get this thing resolved."

 Farmer's brother tells Eyewitness News the doctors plan to reverse his medically induced coma this week.  He remains in critical condition.

The suspects will be arraigned on February 1st.