I am so excited to share my story.  I was seeing another allergist for years and I gradually kept getting worse with visits to the ER and hospital admissions.  My daughter begged me to get a second opinion as I was not improving but going downhill.  That is when I met Linda Melton at a Lunch & Learn on Asthma and Allergies at Unum.  I asked question after question and talked with her more afterwards.  She recommended that I give Chattanooga Allergy Clinic a try.  I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.  And gain, is what I received. 

The day of my appointment, I took my antihistamine as normal.  They couldn't believe how bad my allergies were and how off the chart they were even though I had taken medication that morning.  That's when I met my hero, Dr. Todd Levin, the patience of a saint and never giving up on me.  It was his first week at CAC.  I told him I would be his first big test and I think I still am!  My diagnosis was severe allergies and asthma.  That was the first time I had heard "asthma" in my diagnosis.  I have come a long way but I've learned and have to be reminded of daily by my family, asthma doesn't ever go away, its part of my life.

God gave me a wonderful family that keeps me focused on my health and He gave me a doctor that I can't ever thank enough.  He is by far the most caring doctor I have ever met and so desires to see me well and out of his office, really!  I also have to add that the staff at CAC is as caring about each and every patient that comes through the doors as Dr. Levine is.   Asthma is a part of my life and because of that THEY ARE A PART OF MY LIFE.  Words can't thank them enough for EVERYTHING they have done for me and given back to me.  Thank you, Dr. Levin for finding the right medications that work best on me.  Thank you, staff, for always being there for me, for always checking on me when I've had a shot or breathing treatment or in need of medicine.


My name is Cheryl and I have a daughter named Ashley.  She is 7 years old now, but it is all because I prayed and asked God to help me seek out a doctor that wouldn't beat around the bush, and help us find out what was wrong with our daughter, who at the time was just 6 months old.  We took her to this one place before we found Marc Cromie, and we almost lost her.  Ashley's body was shutting down.  You talk about being scared to death!  All she would do is cry and scream.  Nothing we did would comfort this child.  I was so tired from no sleep for days on end.

Well, I called my son's dad in Cleveland and asked him if he knew of anybody that could deal with skin issues.  He said "not right off the top of my head, I don't".  Then he said "let me check the phone book".  I said God please help me today because if you don't I want you to take her back so she won't have to suffer anymore, and believe me that was hard for me to say after having a miscarriage the year before.  About that time he said "here is a guy out of Chattanooga.  His name is Marc Cromie."  So, I got the number and I called them.  They wanted me to bring her in right then, but I had to wait and see if my husband's insurance would cover the visit.  He had BlueCross BlueShield.  I didn't know that they expected that.

So, we took her bright and early the next day to the Chattanooga Allergy Clinic.  Within 5 minutes I knew more about what was going on with her than I did in 30 minutes at the other place.  My daughter had a massive severe case of eczema, she had staph infection all over her hands and legs, and her body was shutting down.  Dr. Cromie told us if she lived through the night it would be that God had something special for her life.  He talked with us for quite a while and then he gave us a treatment to do and he also told us to not expect any changes in her for up to 2 weeks.  We said OK!  Well, that night we went home and did the first treatment and the next day I woke up with tears running down my face.  She drank a bottle and kept it down.  Ashley looked like a new baby.  Her hair had grown in those spots where there was no hair.  Her skin was even different.  It looked as if somebody had done a skin graft on her.  We took her back to Dr. Cromie's and the nurse's couldn't believe their eyes.  Is that Ashley they asked.  Yes, it is I replied!!

The Lord had helped her by sending Dr. Cromie our way.  Then they did some more tests on her and we found out she also has food allergies.  I have to say when God sends you to a doctor there will be no mistakes.  We are truly grateful for Dr. Cromie and his staff in Cleveland and Chattanooga for all they have done for us.  We have even sent them a bunch of new people because they saw Ashley and how much they helped her.  I will not go anywhere else with her at all, and if Dr. Cromie ever decides to move we will go with him, because no one will ever touch my daughter or test her for anything but them.  I'm glad to know there are people that really take their jobs to heart and care about the patients and not so much about money.  I'm glad to see his business expanding so much.

Ashley loves the nurses and the desk clerk, Mrs. Mary.  Dr. Cromie is her favorite doctor, but most of all he is her best friend in life.  She tells everyone that if you are not well Dr. Cromie will make you not hurt anymore and you will be better in no time.  You just got to love her!!


My name is Clint Powell. About 4 years ago I became a patient at The Chattanooga Allergy Clinic. I have 3 great kids, a full-time job and a beautiful wife...I have 2 dogs, help coach my son's football and my little girls soccer team. In other words...like most of you...I am busy and I need lots of energy.

I started having some health issues and was referred to Dr. Cromie. That has been one of the best things that have ever happened to me. When you are younger you take your health for granted. As I have gotten older I realize how important it is to be proactive in my care. Dr. Cromie and his staff are unbelievably accessible. They call me back when I have questions, they help with insurance issues, and they are always easy to work with...they actually care how I am doing. In a big world of doctors and insurance companies it is easy to feel like you are getting lost in the money and the numbers. Not with The Chattanooga Allergy Clinic.  I love life and I want to keep my quality of life as high as possible and I have learned that there are a lot of aspects to staying as healthy as possible that I can control...my diet, my activity, my attitude and the doctors I choose to go too.

I trust them so much that when my 10-year old son started having some allergy and asthma problems...I made sure we got in to see the Dr. Cromie at The Chattanooga Allergy Clinic 

Clint Powell

We have been with Dr Cromie since 2001.  Since that time we have gained great trust and relationship with him and his staff.  We were going to the ER and being hospitalized for Asthma attacks which ranged from 24 hrs stay over two weeks at a time.  When we were turned over to Dr Cromie, he looked at my daughter and told her we will get this under control and then turned to me and said we will have an active child with asthma.  She will be under control.  I respected him for that and now we only have two ER visits with no stay over and managed very well by Dr Cromie's care.

Stefanie Porter