FORSYTH COUNTY, GA (WXIA) -- It's a classic case of mistaken identity.

Not expected to live after he was born, he was taken from his birthplace in an effort to save him.

Raised by others.

Growing up to think he's something that he is not.

Shelly and Jay Miller live on ten acres of heaven along Georgia's Forsyth-Dawson county line.

There, they can indulge their love of animals -- cows, goats and dogs, without bothering the neighbors.

Shelly brings the Labrador retrievers to find their playmate, Chuck the steer.

Ordinarily, cows would back off as humans approach, but Chuck is no ordinary cow.

"A friend of ours called and said they had a really sick calf," Shelly said. "And he knew that we had a fenced area and maybe a little bit more time than he did, and asked it we'd come get him," Shelly explained.

They got the calf.

Though they didn't expect him to live, they tried to save him.

And so did their dogs.

"Once they saw Chuck, immediately they laid down beside him," Jay Miller said. "They never got up. They didn't get up to eat or anything. They touched him. They licked him. They cleaned him. Until he got up and started running around, they wouldn't leave his side."

Chuck would even use the dogs' ears as a pacifier.

Two years later Chuck weighs 1,100 pounds and is the picture of health, and something else.

"He thinks he's a dog," Shelly said. "He wants to play and buck and run and chase the dogs. I think he thinks he's a dog."

He also loves bananas.

Chuck has a cow girlfriend and he plays soccer with the Millers' son Colton.

"Life is good," Shelly said. "If you're Chuck, life is good."

Chuck has his own care Web page.

The Millers tell us people all over the world log on to ask how he is doing.

So, if you're in the area, you're welcome to come visit Chuck.

The Millers won't mind, and Chuck would love it -- as long as you bring bananas.