LOS ANGELES (KNBC) -- Former boxing champion Mike Tyson was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday night.

 The former boxing champion was traveling with his wife and ten month old child when he got into an altercation with a photographer allegedly hitting the man.

The paparazzo suffered an injury to his forehead.

Tyson was not hurt.

A statement from Tyson’s publicist says he was acting "in self defense as a father protecting his child."

Both men reportedly plan to file battery charges against each other.

Tyson has been released on his own recognizance.


The Los Angeles Times is quoting an unnamed source who says Tyson told police the photographer hit him trying to provoke a response.

And that the photographer claims Tyson punched him and tried to take the film from his camera.

The photographer was taken to the hospital to be checked out before being booked.