MEIGS COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Meigs County authorities say a crime spree ended when a homeowner shot a burglary suspect.  

Sheriff's investigators say late Tuesday night 25 year old Jacob Layton broke into cars outside three houses on North No Pone Road. One of the neighbors heard noise. When he went outside to investigate, he heard a sound coming from his shed. The home owner says he walked up to the shed door and saw Layton. The homeowner told him not to move but Layton raised a pistol so the homeowner shot him,  
The homeowner again told him not to move. But apparently Layton didn't learn the first time. Investigators say he again raised his pistol up and the homeowner again shot him.


MEIGS COUNTY, TN (WRCB) An  investigation into a shooting is underway in Meigs County.



A Meigs County detective says it happened between 11:30 and midnight Tuesday night.

A victim was shot on North No Pone Valley Road. The extent of the injuries is unknown.

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Detectives say Layton was also armed with a rifle stolen from one of the vehicles he broke into. Layton was rushed to Erlanger Medical Center where he underwent surgery. He's expected to live.
Charges against Layton could be filed this afternoon.