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Olympic Countdown: 100 Days Until Vancouver Winter Olympics

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The Olympic Spirit is spreading across Canada.... and the world.

After arriving from Olympia, Greece, The Olympic Torch Relay is making a coast to coast trek across the host country.

 John Furlong, Vancouver Games Chief, says "By February 12, it will have visited over one-thousand communities, touched three oceans and the flame will have been held high by a diverse mosaic of Canadian people."

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Security is always a concern, The Canadian government is providing roughly one billion dollars to keep the world's athletes safe.... drills continue.

Cpl Bert Paquet with the Integrated Security Unit says "Our communications are on track and defintely heading towards our goal of safe games."

Finishing touches are being put on the Athletes Village, and at venues across Vancouver and Whistler... where the skiing, snowboarding, and sliding sports will be contested.

Jacques Rogge, IOC President, says "I can say that at this stage I am happy, preparation is going well"

Meanwhile, athletes like Apollo Ohno continue to train.... knowing the competition will be tougher than ever when the Vancouver Games begin.
 Ohno "Hopefully its going to be a big fan support and its the closest thing we're going to get to being on American soil you know. Vancouver is a great city and I think it'll be a great host."

100 Days from now it will welcome the world.

Kurt Gregory, NBC News.

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