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East Ridge Edges Past Central for the Win

Lauren Brown
Eyewitness Sports Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- The hunt for the playoffs is and Central and East Ridge both want that final spot they want it so badly there wasn't any score at halftime.

Neither team could get their offense going in the first half but central fans were certainly hyped up for this game.

It was East Ridge who attacked first though going for The 36 yard field goal, they just couldn't get it to go through the twin posts.

But with another half to play, both Central and East Ridge needed a plan to jump start their offense.

In the second half, it's East Ridge pioneers who get their offense moving.  And they're getting closer and closer to the red zone.  Gerold Querells shoots the ball 20 yards down the field to Dominique King to bring them within 11 yards of the endzone.

A few plays later the pioneers look like they're going to score and they almost do.   Chase Steele hits up Dominique King in the endzone and it looks like East Ridge scored.  But offensive interference is called on the Pioneers and the ball is moved back all the way to the 25 yard line.

Forcing the Pioneers to go for the field goal, but they can't get it through the uprights.

East Ridge would prevail though scoring a touchdown and field goal late in the game to shut out the Central Purple Pounders 10-0 for the wn.

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