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Jay For the Cure

A record number of people turned out for the 10th annual Chattanooga Race for the Cure. More than 7500 participants came through McKenzie Arena on Sunday, September 27th. That's where Channel 3 once again had a booth to interact with race participants. This year we handed out Coverage you Can Count On band-aids, and in keeping with NBC's new branding "More Colorful" our band-aids were an array of peacock colors. More than 4,000 colorful band-aid packages were given out to many grateful, blister sporting runners and walkers. We had a special guest with us this year who was a HUGE hit with the crowd, the one and only Jay Leno. It wasn't the real Jay, of course. It was a cardboard stand-up NBC lends out to stations upon request. But even cardboard Jay made a big impression, we offered to take people's pictures with Jay and we had a lot of takers. We hope you enjoy these photos.

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