RED BANK, Tenn. (WRCB) -- This week the highlight game of the night takes us to Red Bank where the Lions hosted the Cleveland Blue Raiders. But without four key players the Blue Raiders would have to step up their game if they wanted to get past the top ranked Lions.

It was a spirited atmosphere at Red Bank, which only helped the team on the football field.

The lions didn't give the Blue Raiders very many chances in this game.  Early in the first quarter the Lions had two safeties and a touchdown.

Which brings us to this play, Andy Christopher pitches the ball to Josh Robinson who takes it 32 yards down the field to give Red Bank an 18 point advantage.

And they didn't give cleveland much time to catch up or at all.

Moments later, Cleveland gets ready to kick it away, when the ball is blocked by Shawn McClesky and recovered by Jeremy Jackson who takes it down the field to the endzone for the touchdown.  24-0 Red Bank. 

Giving Lion cheerleaders something to get the crowd pumped about.

In the second quarter, the Lions are back for more.  They lead 31-0 over the Blue Raiders and they're ready to add to the score.

Cleveland kicks it away and Keith Mayes no one can drag this player down as he dives into the endzone for six.  38-0 Red Bank.

Cleveland would get on the board late in the fourth quarter but could never catch up.  The Lions rout the Blue Raiders 52-6.