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Going Back; Braves Game

Ok the time is approaching once more to head back over to Afghanistan.  I'll be assigned to the 48th BDE out of GA, they have been there for a couple of months so finally I don't have to do a full year tour, I only get about 8 months of war this time.  I'm thinking that time will fly by.   And even better is I don't have to do the 3 months of training, only 3 weeks this time, I think someone finally looked at my record and thought "yeah he has it down by now"

    Now for an update about the school supplies that Pack 3166 raised.  This is one of those small world things that happen which just, well it basically blows your mind.  If you remember a few blogs back about the wonderful lady who wrote me the poem on the napkin on the plane ride heading back to Afghanistan?  Well she tracked me down and we have been talking about the war and such and she had read the blogs about the school supplies.  She is going to get the stuff shipped to me as soon as I get back over there(Jason or Tuck shot me an email and I'll pass along her contact info) Also I owe her an apology since I wasn't sure if she would want me to use her name in the blog I referred to her as an elderly lady, apparently causing her some ribbing from her friends.  So please scratch that comment from the record, she is an angel!

   Ok here is some big news too, If you guys aren't doing anything Sunday, come out to the Braves/Phillies game in Atlanta.  The Braves are honoring me on the field in the middle of the 6th with a salute to me and what I've done, bio on the Jumbotron, me out on the field waving and everything.  When the Braves called me yesterday, it was like being a minor leaguer getting the call to come to "the show"  I'm more nervous about this than I am war!  I'm not even the least bit upset that I'll have to shave my goatee.

   I really enjoyed my time home for the summer.  I got in some white water rafting, camping, played some baseball in the mens adult league here(the NABA, you should check that out-wooden bats and everything) playing some softball now, ate way too much good food, saw some Lookouts games (if you haven't watched one from a skybox there you should) and lounged by the pool.  But now once again its time to lace up the boots and answer the call once more. 

Take care everyone and I'll keep you posted on what the latest news from the front is
SSG Billy G Massingale

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