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Forever Family


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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - 17-year-old Ashley finds the laughter in her life, and others naturally want to be with her.

"If you catch someone skipping down the road singing, it's probably me and one of my friends," said Ashley.

Ashley admits she has pain. She has her own ways of coping.

"Usually if something bad happens, if I'm in a lot of pain, I'll write about it. It comes out in stories or poems," she said.

Ashley enjoys lifeguarding, riding bikes and horses and lots of church-related activities. She wants to go to Auburn University and become a veterinarian.

Ashley has been in foster care for about two years, and at her age, has a real idea of what she wants in a forever family with great emphasis on the word forever.

"Someone that when I turned 18 would still be there for me. As much confusion that I've had in my life - would help me through the rest of my life. Someone who will be there holidays and not just say 'you're 18, get out.'"

Ashley has ambitious goals for her life after high school. Your family could be the one to help her reach them.

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