Testimony in the Parker murder trial Thursday focused on an emergency call to police that came in years before Theresa Parker disappeared.

A 9-1-1 dispatcher who worked with Theresa Parker say Theresa called for help in 2004.  The dispatcher told the jury that Theresa told her over the phone that her husband, Sam Parker had hit her.

The responding deputy with the Walker County Sheriff's Department says Sam Parker was screaming and waving his arms when he arrived at the Parker home on Cordell Road... But that Theresa told a different story.

Bruce Coker says, " I noticed a red mark on the side of her neck and I asked if he had hit her and she said, no.  He didn't hit me, I don't want him to go to jail."

Sam Parker did not go to jail that night.  Bruce Coker told the jury the house was in mess and it appeared that Theresa's belongs had been tossed into the yard.  Testimony continues tomorrow morning.  It could be the middle of next week before the defense presents evidence.