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Forever Family


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Allen Allen

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Allen likes most of the things typical boys enjoy like playing outdoors, staying active and playing video games, but the video games come last.

"I like to make time for friends more friend time than videos," he said.

Allen's foster parent says he also enjoys one-on-one time with adults. He loves to read and has an enormous vocabulary.

I get the feeling that people around Allen are rarely bored. He wants excitement, even in his pets.

"I would want a pet lizard, the kind that neck goes out when they're mad. Not a cat or dog," said Allen. "I want pizzazz. I like to spice it up."

When asked what he'd like in a forever family. He first listed the things he didn't want.

"I would like no cussing, no smoking, stuff like that. A happy family."

Allen says he does want love

"But the truth is I'm scared to be loved. Why? Just am. I don't know why; just a feeling I get. Every time I get near someone I push em away," he said.

Allen's counselors say he is learning to build strong and trusting relationships. Knowing he had a family that would love him forever would certainly help.

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