CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Steven loves the outdoors and wants a Forever Family that is active. He also says he would like to be involved in church and community events.

"I love anything and everything from hunting, fishing and golf," said Steven.

Steven was really tired when he sat down for the interview from not getting enough sleep the night before. A case worker said sometimes children hold back in interviews like this one because they don't want to be too vulnerable or too emotionally attached.

People who know Steven well say he's a very sweet and thoughtful young man. He's a good student, plays football and was voted youth leader in his church. He has lots of friends who say he is loyal.

When asked Steven what he looks for in a friend he says, "Someone who will have my back, who won't say one thing in front of me and behind my back say something else."

Steven also says parents who would have his back would be great.

"Parents that just care and will be there for me," said Steven.

Potential parents don't have to be perfect. If you'd like to know more, call 1-888-DCS-KIDS.