Wednesday 5:10 p.m.

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -  A GBI agent testified that he found evidence of blood in the back of Theresa Parker's SUV. He says one spot was her blood and the other spot was a mix of her blood and Sam Parker's, who was supposed to soon be her ex-husband.

A former sheriff's deputy testifies it was a strange phone call that sent him to check on Theresa Parker in March of 2007. Theresa's coworker called Deputy Shane Green to get him to drive by the Parker home after receiving an alarming phone call from Theresa.

Sam Parker's defense attorney's asked if Green thought he had probable cause to make a search outside the Parker home on Cordell Road.

Defense attorneys pointed out that the deputies didn't make an incident report and didn't document what they saw. Therefore, they argued that their testimony shouldn't be admitted, and prosecutors disagree.

Arguments wrapped up this afternoon. Prosecutors argued let the jury hear evidence about the search dog findings and other searches. The defense says no way; it's not reliable. A judge will rule sometime before the trial on August 17.

Tuesday 6:30 p.m.

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Lisa Higgins says her German shepherd Maggie is certified to detect human decomposition. She testified in Tuesday's pretrial-hearing that Maggie alerted Higgins when she was called in 2007 to sniff out evidence on Theresa Parker's Toyota Forerunner. Higgins says Maggie alerted her to the front driver's side wheel well and the back of the SUV.

"Right when we got to it, she was alarmed," said Higgins. "She pulled the lead out of my hand, and then she stops and begins working real hard."

Higgins was one of two people who testified about evidence collected by canines. Testimony revealed another dog alerted handlers to human decomposition at the Parker home on Cordell Road.

Sam Parker will go on trial next month in the murder of his wife Theresa Parker, who disappeared in March 2007. The Parkers were in the process of divorce. To date, her body has yet to surface. A point defense attorneys are hammering home arguing that the dogs might have smelled something, but they didn't track down remains. They also had Higgins admit her dog could make a mistake.

"If the dog became ill the night before they could be off," said Higgins. "We have bad days; dogs could have a bad day."

Testimony will continue Wednesday morning. The judge will consider the motions and make his decision sometime before Parker's trial on August 17.

Monday 5:45 p.m.

NORTH GEORGIA (WRCB) - A judge will soon rule on the several motions to suppress certain evidence in the trial next month against a former North Georgia officer charged with killing his wife, Teresa Parker, in 2007. Her body was never discovered.

On Monday Sam Parker watched as witnesses testified about the couple's stormy past in court.

The former officer is trying to keep a jury from hearing about his past. That's one issue for a judge decide as legal questions come a few weeks before trial.

The first witness was a Walker County Sheriff's Deputy who responded to a domestic violence call at the Parker home in May 2002. Bruce Coker told the court Theresa Parker told him her husband had thrown her clothes into the yard in a drunken rage. Coker also testified that Theresa had a mark on her face, but she told the deputy that Sam had not hit her. Coker told the judge he could have charged Sam Parker, but that he didn't want to jeopardize Parker's career. He also testified it was apparent Theresa didn't want to be a victim.

Parker's attorneys argue that the evidence should not fall on the ears of jurors because Sam Parker was never charged with a crime. Public defender David Dunn told the court to try Parker on other cases instead of the murder of his wife Theresa Parker.

Judge Bo Wood will hear more motions Tuesday. He's expected to rule on them at a later date. The trial starts august 17.

Wednesday 5:10 p.m.