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One Minute to Better Health with Dr Oz

Spring Clean Your Pantry

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Dr. Oz says " Spring is a perfect time to purge your pantry and restock it with healthful foods that can make you feel; great and shrink your waistline".

"One Minute to Better Health with Dr. Oz" is sponsored by Focus Treatment Center and the Wellness Pharmacy.

Dump the sugar

"Start by dumping products like simple sugars and those with high fructose corn syrup. These are not only high in calories but empty on nutrition. Satisfy your sweet tooth by keeping a little agave, honey or maple syrup on hand."

Replace the saturated fat

"Next replace the saturated fat replacing it with heart healthy olive oil and avoid products with refined white flour. Also try some whole grain breads and pasta which fill you up faster and make you feel fuller."

Keep those spices cool

"Store spices in a cool place away from the oven and throw out the old condiments and spices that expired or lost their potency."

You can see "the Dr. Oz Show" this fall at 3pm here on Channel-3.

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