CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - 14-year-old Bonnie is a very engaging young lady with a bubbly personality and loves to play games while being with her friends.

Bonnie also loves to talk and is full of surprises.

"I used to have a boyfriend, but I dumped him. Who needs a boyfriend when you're just fourteen? Not me" said Bonnie. "I like wrestling, WWF and XBOX 360, but I also like to play with baby dolls."

Bonnie tells us how much she loves her baby dolls and that she has a motherly instinct.

"Oh, it's hard. You have to change their diapers, and I have real diapers for my baby doll," said Bonnie.

She's a sweet teen, in between childhood and growing up. Those who know Bonnie say she's fun, wonderful and endearing. A forever family for her is one that would simply make her part of their family.