Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner!

 Kenneth Actkinson of Chattanooga, TN

Mr. Actkinson gets the Grand Prize which includes a The Savannah GrillTM from Gas Appliances Unlimited, lawn/patio furniture from The Patio Shop, a cooler and gift certificate for meat, and Dale's seasoning product, tee shirt and hat.
       Congratulations to all of our qualifiers. Here's the list of their names and thanks for enterring our contest:
May 29th qualifiers     
James Gregory
Preston Rice
 Andrea Hill
James Wilburn
Mary Fields
June 5th qualifiers
Amanda Moreno
Tom Jenkins
 Dean Rogers
Sandye Helms
Michelle Sneed
June 19th qualifiers
Alice Maroon
Xochitl Serrato
Pam Gowin
Debbie Weaver
Trudy Beck
June 26th qualifiers
Alice Maroon
Danielle Hooper
April Cruise
Penny King
Connie Reeves
June 30th qualifiers
Barbara Preston
Mary Felts
Jake Hollis
Tammy Maroon
John Nail
July 1 qualifiers
Dianne Essex
Susan Dreaden
Ramona Solomon
Pat Gilbreath
Kenneth Actkinson
-- If you think a grill is just a grill then you've never cooked with a Sikes Cooker. What makes this grill the best in the industry? It starts with superb craftmanship and a commitment to quality. Follow that with an innovative, patented cooking process and you've got a grill that no other manufacturer can offer.

Whether you're just throwing on a few burgers for a small family get together or you're cooking a five course gourmet meal, you'll find that there's virtually nothing you can't do on a Sikes Grill. Our unique design allows for different cooking methods and technique; smoke, grill roast, sear, steam, fry, boil, bake and everything in-between. The patented new grilling process allows users to get the absolute most out of their outdoor cooking experience.

Dale's Seasoning --  Dale's Seasoning has been a Southern favorite for more than 50 years.  The unique and original taste of Dale's has remained the same through the years.  A total- cooking seasoning, Dale's is delicious on all meats, poultry, fish and vegetables.

The Dale's recipe was brought to the United States by Jake Levine following World War II. In 1946, the seasoning made its debut in Birmingham, Alabama at Dale's Cellar Restaurant. For more than 20 years, Dale's was available only at Dale's Cellar Restaurant in Birmingham and other select restaurants.

Because of public demand for Dale's unique seasoning, it has appeared in supermarkets since 1970. Today, Dale's is the South's most popular cooking seasoning. Not only is it available at grocery stores and supermarkets throughout the Southeast, but it is quickly gaining popularity throughout other parts of the country.

Furniture and Umbrella from the Patio Shop --  The Grand Prize winner recieves a Meadowcraft Cahaba table and 4 wrought iron chairs and a Treasure Garden, Inc. Umbrella and base (um9201) from The Patio Shop, Your Hometown Patio Superstore.

Treasure Garden is the premier manufacturer of patio shade umbrellas; They take pride in the materials they choose to build our products. They produce their own brand of aluminum frames and accent them with high-quality fabrics from the top U.S Mills. Their market umbrella styles, fabrics and finishes, are carefully selected to coordinate with the most popular patio furniture sets in the market today.

The Cahaba seating collection features graceful curves and a classic lattice design, a hallmark of traditional wrought iron furniture. Both enduring and endearing, the Cahaba collection's what all well-dressed pool decks are wearing this year.