Update: Monday, December 14

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The man convicted of raping a young woman in a North Chattanooga gated community will spend decades in prison. Monday, a judge sentenced Tracy Roberson to 60 years. He is required to serve at least 40 years before he can request parole.

A jury convicted Roberson in September on eight counts including aggravated rape and kidnapping.

The young woman was attacked in Heritage Landing in August 2008 while house-sitting. Roberson tied her up while she slept, stole a wall safe, raped her, and threatened to kill her if she called police.

Update: Thursday, September 17:

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- The jury has found Tracey Roberson guilty of burglarizing a North Chattaooga home tying up a teenage housesitter and raping her. Sentencing will take place November 30th.

More details as they become available.

Update: Wednesday, September 16:

It's day two of a high profile rape trial in Chattanooga.  Tracey Roberson is accused of tying up a teenage housesitter, and raping her in an upscale North Chattanooga home in August 2008.

Tracey Roberson is charged with two counts of rape, aggravated burglary, aggravated kidnapping, and three counts of theft of property.  In addition to a violent rape, prosecutors maintain Roberson ransacked the home of prominent Chattanooga couple Allen and Allison Lebovitz, making off with $60,000 in jewelry, cash, and other items.

Tuesday's emotional and gripping testimony from the rape victim was replaced Wednesday by tedious accounts from Chattanooga crime scene investigators.  Prosecutors say that testimony along with cell phone records place Roberson, a former UTC police officer, within a mile of the Heritage Landing crime scene.

Prosecutors also called Freddie Wayne Ledford to the stand Wednesday.  He's Roberson's cousin, and did home repair work for Allen and Allison Lebovitz.  Ledford testified Roberson knew the Lebovitz's were out of town and had a young housesitter because he told him so.

Defense attorneys fired back, attacking Ledford's character.  They said Ledford had more motive and opportunity to commit the crime.  Upon cross-examination, Ledford admitted he was delinquent on child support payments at the same time the crime occurred.

Three TBI agents were called to the stand late in the evening.  They gave accounts about DNA evidence.

The trial will resume Thursday morning.  Stay with Eyewitness News and wrcbtv.com for continuing coverage.

Update: Tuesday, September 15:

A man accused of invading a home and raping a teenage house sitter went on trial Tuesday in Chattanooga. Prosecutors say Tracy Roberson broke into a home in Heritage Landing last summer that was being watched by a 19-year-old girl.

Several witnesses took the stand, including the 19-year-old victim. She said someone broke into the home where she was staying, ran into her room and raped her.

Roberson is facing several other charges including aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery and aggravated rape.

The trial is set to continue Wednesday morning.

May 25, 2009:

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- The man accused in a home invasion rape at an exclusive Chattanooga subdivision has his trial date set.

A judge Thursday scheduled the trial for Tracy Roberson on September 15th. Officers arrested Roberson last August for a home invasion that was committed at 1104 Centennial Drive in Heritage Landing. Police found a woman bound by duct tape who said she woke up to find an intruder in the home. Police say that intruder was Tracy Roberson who bound her, ransacked the home then sexually assaulted her.

Officers arrested Roberson the next day, charging him with aggravated rape, aggravated robbery, especially aggravated burglary, false imprisonment, theft over $10000, and theft over a $1000.