Programming your Oregon Scientific WR601 All Hazards Radio.

Turning your radio on and off

Before beginning any programming, make sure you have inserted three AA batteries into your radio.

Once the batteries are correctly inserted, the radio display should come on.   To turn the radio off hold the NOAA button (found on the top right of the radio) for two seconds. To turn it back on, do the same. Hold the NOAA button for two seconds and the radio will come on.  

You always want your radio set on standby.   You do this by hitting your NOAA button once for the weather report and then hit it again to go to standby.   A little clock will appear in your display indicating you are on standby mode.

Finding a clear channel

First turn on your local weather announcements by quickly pressing the NOAA button on the top right of your radio.

Once you are receiving the weather transmission hold down the channel button on the middle front of your radio. The channel number, found in the upper left of your display screen, will begin to flash.   On the left side of your radio there are two buttons. One up and one down. Press the up button until you have heard all seven channels on your radio. Choose the clearest channel and press the channel button again to set the channel.

Setting the clock and calendar

Now we are ready to set the time and date on your display.   You should be in clock display mode. A time of day should be showing in the display.

Press and hold the mode button found on the left hand side of your radio just under the display.   The number 12 will begin to flash. Press mode again and select 12 hour format. You must do this within 9 seconds or your radio will revert back to the original time.

After you press mode to select the 12 hour format the time will come up in your display and the hour will be flashing.   Use your up and down buttons found on the left hand side of your radio to make the hour digit go up or down. Once you have the right hour press mode to set it.  

Now you will notice the minute digits flashing. Use the same process to set the minute. While the minute is flashing use the up and down buttons on the left side of your radio to adjust the minute to the right time and press the mode button to set.

Now the year button will flash. Use the up and down buttons until the year says 09. Press mode again to set.

Now press the mode button again and the month digit will flash. Use the up and down buttons to select the correct month. Press mode to set.   Next the day button will flash. Press the up and down buttons to select the correct day and press mode to select.

Now the language letter will flash. If you want English just press the mode button to select the flashing "e" and you are finished.   If you prefer  another language like Spanish or French just press the up and down buttons on the left side of the radio until the flashing "E" changes to S or F.

Programming the S.A.M.E. Code

Now you want to set the radio so it only receives warnings where you live. To do this you must first find out what your area code is. You can do this two ways.

1) You can go to and then click the state for which information is needed.

You can also contact the National Weather Service at 1-888-697-7263 then follow prompts through a simple voice menu.

Here are the S.A.M.E. codes for counties in the Tennessee Valley:


Bledsoe 047007
Bradley 047011
Grundy 047061
Hamilton 047065
Marion 047115
McMinn 047107
Meigs 047121
Monroe 047123
Polk 047139
Rhea 047143
Sequatchie 047153


Catoosa 013047
Chattooga 013055
Dade 013083
Fannin 013111
Floyd 013115
Gilmer 013123
Gordon 013129
Murray 013213
Walker 013295
Whitfield 013313


DeKalb 001049
Jackson 001071

North Carolina

Cherokee 037039
Clay 037043


2) Once you know what your code is we can insert it into the radio. To do this quickly press the county button found on the right hand side of your radio. You want this setting to be dashes and not the word all. Use the up and down buttons. You only have two choices. One is all and the other is dashes. Once set on dashes press the county button again.

3) Now press and hold that same 'county' button for 2 seconds until the numbers start to blink

4) You will input each at a time...starting with the first one. Since it's a 0 and that number is already showing up, hit 'county' to go to the next number.

5) The next number should be blinking. Use the up and down buttons on the left side of the weather radio to choose your next number. For Greenville County (045045) the next number would be a 4. So hit the up button until the number 4 is showing, and then hit the county button.

6) The next number should be the same thing....and use the up arrow button to get to your next digit. For Greenville County, it should be 5. Once the desired digit is showing, hit the county button again.

7) Continue selecting your numbers, and hitting the county button once each correct digit is selected.

8) When finished, hit county.

To input another county code:

  • 2nd county code: follow the same directions above, except press the county button 3 times before holding it down for 2 seconds.
  • 3rd county code: press the county button 4 times before holding it down for 2 seconds.

You can program up to 6 codes.

Once you've got all the codes entered, put your weather radio in a place where you can easily hear it when warnings are issued. It will only sound when a warning is issued for a county that you entered into your weather radio.