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Prosecutors in Craft Trial Refuse to Comment

By Callie Starnes, Eyewitness News Reporter

LAFAYETTE, GA (WRCB) -- Dozens of phone calls, a visit to two counties, and a half day of waiting. Our questions are still being dodged by public officials, funded by the taxpayer.

One thing not in question is the opinion of jurors.

It's an outcome that District Attorney Buzz Franklin calls "disappointing".

In a fax to our newsroom after hours on Friday, Franklin blames the media for the jury's unanimous decision to acquit Tonya Craft 22 times.

He says reporters "openly took sides", "slanted coverage to favor the defense" and created an environment "hostile to the state's ability to receive a fair trial", despite the jury not being allowed to watch TV, read newspapers, or use the internet during the trial.

Monday we visited his Lafayette office and he laughed as he avoided our questions.

Assistant District Attorney Chris Arnt has also not returned our calls. He also dodged our questions walking into court.

We paid a visit to Assistant District Attorney Len Gregor today in Dade County.

He referred us to Buzz Franklin's statement, saying he too believes the media is the reason they lost the case.

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