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Bobcat Bar Attack

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COTTONWOOD, AZ (KPNX) -- Three people in Cottonwood, Arizona were attacked by a bobcat earlier this week, including two men who were bitten by the animal after it wandered inside a bar.

Cottonwood is located in central Arizona.

The bar's security camera video shows the animal wandering in.
Officers called to the town's Chaparral Bar arrived to find the bobcat in the parking lot, and they shot and killed it.

Tests were ordered to determine if the animal was rabid.

About an hour before the bar attack the animal attacked and scratched a woman who had gotten out of her car after thinking she had hit it.

A short time later, police got a report of a bobcat acting aggressively toward a woman outside a pizza parlor.

About 11 p.m. Monday came the call from the bar that a bobcat was inside attacking people as patrons climbed atop bar stools to get away.

Victims of the attack had clearly visible scratches and marks.
The two men inside the bar will likely receive a preventative series of rabies shots.

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