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Couple attacked after using 'Letgo' app to sell PlayStation


A couple, hoping to sell a gaming system, came face to face with three would-be robbers and now the Sheriff's Department is warning others who use popular apps to buy and trade. 


3 INVESTIGATES: Expert says unfounded rape cases can lead to attackers going free


Each year local law enforcement agencies decide which rape cases will be reported to the FBI and which ones will not, sometimes leaving rapists on the streets to attack again. More>>

3 INVESTIGATES: More than 250 sexual assault kits never sent to crime lab


More than 250 sexual assault kits sit untested in evidence rooms at three of the area's largest law enforcement agencies. The oldest case in the backlog dates back to 1993, making it too late to prosecute.  More>>

Part 1: Chattanooga cop wrote tickets while driving without valid driver's license

The issue of Officer Mayweather's driving status only came to light after another city officer says he witnessed Mayweather asking for a discount at a local restaurant. More>>

Part 2: Requests for information prompt policy change at police department

The issue came to light after Officer Lee Mayweather drove a city issued patrol car for 20 months without a valid drivers license. More>>

Part 3: Child support violators difficult to track even if they're government employees

After a city police officer drove a patrol car for more than a year on a revoked license for non-payment of child support, he claimed he was never notified.

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