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FIRST ON 3: State court throws out Littlefield recall case


The state court of appeals has thrown out a lower court ruling to stop a recall petition against the Chattanooga mayor. The move means that if the petitioners have enough signatures, the recall could go before the public. More>>

Recallers unhappy with Littlefield fundraiser


A group of Chattanooga residents have spent more than a year trying to oust Mayor Ron Littlefield. More>>

Chattanooga mayor seeks donations for recall costs

Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield is holding a $250-per-person reception to help pay legal costs from his fight against a recall effort. More>>

Group continues fight to recall Mayor Littlefield


A group of Chattanoogans are not giving up recalling Mayor Ron Littlefield.  A judge halted the group's efforts nearly a year ago, saying the petitioners failed to follow state law when they collected thousands of signatures. More>>

Judge denies recall organizers' appeal


A Chancery Court judge has ruled against an appeal in the efforts to recall Mayor Ron Littlefield. More>>

Recall group headed back to court


An appeal has been filed after a judge struck down the mayoral recall efforts a month ago. More>>

Recallers file appeal


The Citizens to Recall Mayor Littlefield filed motion Thursday afternoon, asking a judge to intervene. More>>

UPDATE: Judge sides with Mayor over in recall hearing


A judge now has to decide if the attempt to recall Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield was legal. Minute-by-minute updates here. More>>

More ouster signatures turned in to Election Commission


The group needs nine thousand to put it to a vote. More>>

Judge says petitioners can join recall lawsuit


A judge ruled Friday that one of the men pushing for a recall of Mayor Ron Littlefield can intervene in a lawsuit the mayor has filed to stop the recall. More>>

City, recall organizers face off in court


The case to block recall efforts against Mayor Ron Littlefield took center stage Friday in circuit court. More>>

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