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Reporter Greg Glover and Photographer Louis Lee blog from their trip to the Volkswagen Headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany Saturday, October 18-Thursday, October 23. Go inside the story and read the latest from their travel blog. More>>

  • The Drive for Volkswagen: Destination GermanyMore>>

  • Monday's 6:00 Report

    Monday's 6:00 Report

    In the heart of the VW campus in Wolfsburg, Germany a factory that predates World War II still stands. The company has experienced numerous expansions over the years to become more modern.More
  • Monday's 5:30 Report

    Monday's 5:30 Report

    In the company town of Wolfsburg, it is difficult to find anyone who has something negative to say about Volkswagen. The pride of that company spills into the streets as three out of ten people work for VW. More
  • Monday's 5:00 Report

    Monday's 5:00 Report

    Like much of Europe, Wolfsburg is steeped in tradition. The city showcases a mixture of old and new as well as industry meet environment.More
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