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Saving on Groceries

 BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB) -- Even in this down economy you can't stop eating but we've found two Bradley County women who know the tricks of the trade for saving money on your groceries.

       Kelly Thompson and Kasey Trenum are two Cleveland mothers trying to save the Tennessee Valley money on its grocery bill. They've been dubbed the coupon queens.

"I am humbled honestly that god has given me the ability to do this because it is very hard." Their business "Time 2 Save" teaches you how to drastically increase your grocery savings.

In this economy, the  audience swells to nearly 200, taking notes. Time 2 Save is letting Eyewitness News and you in on their money saving tips.

Their first tip?  Stock up on what your household will always need.

Kasey Trenum says "So normally you would go to the grocery store weekly, you would by grocery bags, you would by laundry detergent all those things eat your grocery bill. You've already spent 50 dollars before you spend anything on food. I don't do that anymore."

And why would she? Using coupons and store circulars Kasey shows off more than 20 containers of laundry detergent-- boxes and boxes of Ziplock bags-- baby food and Pop Tarts enough to last her family a year!

"Oh now I don't need anything, except for milk bread vegetables and fruit. "

Next tip?  Don't have brand or store envy... To get the best deals you have to shop around.

"You don't become married to a brand, I use to only eat Jiff peanut butter...but when I got peanut butter for free. I learned it wasn't that bad to try another kind."

"We're about saving money, and so if I have to move to a different brand to do that I'm willing to try it."

And the last money saving tip... Pair your coupons with the store circular to bust down your grocery bill.

"You don't just want to use the coupon you want to match it with the store ad to get that rock bottom price or clearance price. That's when you can start stock piling or buying 6 months to a years supply at a time."

Kasey and Kelly admit they give out a lot of information to take in at once but the biggest rule of thumb is to use what best works for you!

Time 2 Save's next seminar is March 26th at North Cleveland Church of God. They've created a website to keep you up to date on those bargain deals.

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