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Deer Rescue

Smack dab in the middle of Lake Zumbro, a doe is trapped, not able to grip the slippery ice.

With the wind-chill of 30 below zero, it could be a death sentence.

A sentence Steve Breland won't see carried out.

"I'm going to try and put this rope around its neck without choking it," said Breland.

Fear sets in for the helpless doe but Steve presses on.

Steve gives the doe a free toe.

It's a full days workout for Steve and a lifetime of fright for the doe.

Every time Steve gets the doe off the ice, the deer goes right back on the ice again.

"There he goes back on the ice again," laughs Breland.

But after a chuckle Steve was getting frustrated.

"This is starting to tick me off," said Breland.

In the end, the deer makes it off the ice, takes a rest and says thanks Steve.

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