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Men thrown from home in bathtub survive

APISON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - Three men were thrown from their home and lived to tell the story.

"We ended up on our backs in this mess," said Jason Clemons as he pointed to a pile of debris.

An EF-4 tornado completely destroyed the home on Ware Road that  Jason Clemons, David Mercer and Terrell Maffett shared.

"It looked like a building coming towards us," said Maffett, "and moving at a very, very rapid pace."

The bath tub that now sits in the back yard likely saved their lives.

They piled inside, clung to one another, and prayed.

"I was mostly begging God to let me make it," said Clemons.

"We locked arms, and held on tight until we knew we weren't moving anymore," added Maffett.

The home was thrown nearly 150 feet from its foundation. The bath tub traveled with it, with all three men inside.

A look, in the daylight, made it hard for them to understand why they survived and eight neighbors did not.

"We got up and walked away with no broken bones, just a few scratches," said Mercer, "we are beyond lucky because we took a direct hit."

They say its an experience that has given them a new outlook on life.

"As far as the material things, we'll make it, we'll rebuild, and we'll go again," said Clemons.

The storm no doubt made the trio indestructible.

"We went from friends to brothers," said Clemons.

"We are brothers now, bath time brothers," joked Mercer.

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