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Helping Caleb

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RINGGOLD, Ga. (WRCB-TV) - Providence landed the Tim Brown family beside Jason McKay and his in an overflow campground at Fall Creek Falls. "They were just so excited about the day," McKay said of the Browns and two of their little boys (their youngest they had left home). "They were looking forward to getting out there and doing...we were, too. It was just a beautiful day."

But, once he learned tragedy had struck, McKay put the Golden Rule into action. "I don't consider it an accident that we were set up right beside them and now they're in our home city." he explained. "I take that as a responsibility to really help them."

A camp manager told them what had occurred in the State Park. "Instantly," remembered McKay, "we kinda went into the mode of, 'what can we do to help?'"

And what he has done is set up the website: On it are prayer requests, information on how to donate to help the family and a link to the family's Facebook page for updates on Caleb's condition. "We watched it grow last night to over 200 people that were friends," he said. "We watched it grow today to over 500 and I checked it just a few minutes ago and they were already above 1,000."

You may recognize the name Jason McKay from his work in radio. He knows how to use the social media, but says he is amazed at how interest and concern for Caleb has spread so wide and so quickly.

And, McKay adds, If simply the sheer number of prayers headed skyward can make a difference for this little boy, he is sure the Tennessee Valley is up to the challenge. "Instead of sitting on the sidelines and saying, 'oh, we wish them well,' it's a chance to get involved and really show that family the love and care the Tennessee Valley has," McKay said. "There's a lot out here and people wanna help and this is a chance to do that."

A trust fund has been set up for monetary donations at Sun Trust Bank. If you would like to help, donate to the Caleb Brown Trust Fund.

By: Greg Glover
Anchor Reporter
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