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CAC Defends Counselors and Training

By Antwan Harris

RINGGOLD, GA (WRCB) -- The Child Advocacy Center in Ringgold, Ga looked to get things on a good note with it's supporters after being publicly scrutinized for it's handling of the young victims in the Tonya Craft trial by Craft's attorney's.

The group held its annual fundraiser with a "casino night" theme.

Spokesperson Holly Kittle says despite the criticism, they would bet the bank, the CAC's therapist go through extensive training.

Counselor Laurie Evans was the therapist in question during the trial. She seemed evasive or distracted when asked about a certain case she could not recall.

Kittle defends Evans saying she is doing everything correctly when it comes to treating the victims.

Kittle says the counselors also deal with mock cases that involve abused children during their training.

Many of those involved with the training are specialized FBI agents.

Willow farms owner, Alvin Mashburn, says aside from the scrutiny, he has always supported the CAC's efforts.

Assistant District Attorney's Chris Arnt and Len Gregor did not show.

District Attorney Buzz Franklin did not show though being invited. 

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