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ONLY ON 3: Woman Says LMJC Railroaded Her Brother

Callie Starnes

Eyewitness News Reporter

CATOOSA COUNTY (WRCB) - Angie Granger and her mom Glenda Shull say it is haunting how well they know Tonya Craft's story.

"Everything seemed to be the same thing that happened to my brother," said Granger.

"Every day was just déjà vu for us."

Bradley Wade, age 46, has now been in jail for three years. A jury convicted him of child molestation.

Forensic interviewer Stacey Long and Assistant District Attorney Len Gregor were involved in both cases.

"To date we have spent about $150,000," said Granger.

Granger believes her brother was falsely accused. So do others.

In a motion for a new trial Amy Horton, who trains forensic interviewers, said interviews with Wade's two accusers were "goal directed", incorporated "suggestive therapy", and showed the boys were coached to believe Wade molested them.

Transcripts, obtained by Channel 3 Eyewitness News, shows dozens of "inaudible moments" with one of the boys. The missing information left the jury to guess what the children were saying.

The majority of the paperwork was not allowed in court, at the discretion of Judge Kristina Cook Connelly. Connelly was publicly reprimanded this week on an unrelated issue.

Granger says their attorney didn't stand a chance.

"He was only licensed in Georgia for six weeks when he took our case," said Granger, "and he told us there would be nothing to it, they didn't have anything."

The lasted just three days and Bradley Wade was sentenced to ten years.

Granger says the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit got the wrong person.

"My nephew is likely still being molested to this day," said Granger.

Granger says Craft's case should shed light on the system that she believes has put too many innocent people behind bars.

"There are so many people we've met that have been done the same way, by the same people," said Granger.

Bradley Wade was offered a plea deal twice.

He told prosecutors he'd rather serve time than admit to something he didn't do.

We attempted to contact Len Gregor about the case. He is not returning our calls. An assistant told us, "He's not going to take your call."

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