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ONLY ON 3: Accuser's Mom Talks About Craft Verdict

Callie Starnes

Eyewitness News Reporter


Sandra Lamb says it broke her heart when a jury found Tonya Craft not guilty of molesting her nine year-old daughter.

"After Tuesday I thought okay, is there really a God," Lamb said during her first interview since the verdict.

Lamb says the hardest part was telling her child Craft wasn't going to jail.

"She said is it over, and I said yes, and she said how long is she going to jail," said Lamb, "and I said she's not."

When asked if the justice system failed her Lamb responded, "I think they failed our children."

Lamb believes prosecutors did their job, but the defense muddied the waters by attacking her and other parents who came forward with the allegations.

She also says she never threatened Tonya Craft's life.

"When my daughter said to me that Tonya had abused her that was the last thing that I expected to come out of her mouth," said Lamb, "so when the defense said we were after her in some type of witch hunt - that really wasn't the case."

Lamb says now it's time to move on and her focus is on her child, who she calls relentless.

"She told me the other night that when she dies she will be an angel for girls that go through this and she will be on their shoulder when they take the stand," said Lamb, "like I say I have more strength through her, I think she's going to be the one that helps me go forward."

The girl is still in counseling. Lamb says she reminds her daughter often that she believes her story.

"They have to know that people believe them and that just because a jury didn't convict her doesn't mean that she isn't guilty," said Lamb, "our kids know what really happened, we know what really happened, and Tonya knows what really happened."

Lamb says while a Catoosa County court didn't convict Craft, the former teacher will have to answer to a higher court.

"It doesn't mean God is on her side and not on our side," said Lamb, "the Devil wears sheep's clothing."

We asked Lamb if she believes Craft would have been convicted if it wasn't for errors in the child interview process.

She said maybe, but she doesn't blame the Children's Advocacy Center.

Lamb says her daughter is still seeing therapist Laurie Evans. Evans came under scrutiny for practicing while suffering from a mental illness.

Lamb says Evans listens to her daughter, and that is what the girl needs.

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