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FIRST ON 3: Video of dog "attacking" CPD cruiser released

Bumper chewed by bulldog (Photo Courtesy: CPD) Bumper chewed by bulldog (Photo Courtesy: CPD)

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Message from McKamey Animal Center, the facility that cared for Winston while he was in the slammer:

To help other wayward dogs like Winston receive the help they need, please consider making a donation in his name to McKamey Animal Center or visit their website at

Without facilities like this that are willing to protect the citizens and the animals, dogs like Winston would never get a second chance.


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- City of Chattanooga spokesperson Richard Beeland says Winston's owners are liable for the damage to the police patrol car.


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Winston, the dog that ate a Chattanooga Police car, is headed home.

Winston's owners settled out of court with the City of Chattanooga.

The pit-bull mix will be handed back over to his owners today. The terms of the agreement require Winston to go to obedience training classes. Winston must behave for six months. At that time the case will dropped. All fines were waived.

The City has not said if a civil suit will be filed to pay for the damages to the car.

Count on Eyewitness News to be there today when Winston is reunited with his owners.


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - It seems Winston the Pit Bull Mix is becoming a household name.  We first told you about the dog that attacked and chewed through the bumper of a Chattanooga police car on Sunday.

Since then the tale of the chomp-prone dog has gone international.  The Channel 3 Facebook Page has received dozens of comments.

People at the McKamey Animal Shelter say they've been bombarded by e-mails and phone calls all week, some from as far away as New Zealand.

Facebook, Google, E-mails and phone calls. McKamey Animal Shelter Director, Karen Walsh, says her entire week has been all about Winston.

"It was on the news in New Zealand," Walsh said.  "How crazy is that, they picked it up on the AP Wire after it went national." 

People's reactions seem to go one way or another.  Bob on Facebook said, "They ought to air drop that bad boy into Afghanistan." 

Brian also on Facebook said, "They better not put that dog down. You can't put a dog down for property damage if he isn't aggressive towards humans".

Brian's point brings up a few misconceptions about Winston's case and future.

"Everybody has an opinion of what should happen to Winston, what shouldn't happen to Winston or is going to happen to Winston," Walsh said.  "The problem is they don't really understand Winston's case."

The pit bull mix has been deemed a potentially dangerous dog, and it seems many are afraid he will be put down.  Walsh says because Winston hasn't shown aggression towards humans, that probably won't happen. 

"The chances of euthanasia for Winston are slim."

For now the dog is being held in the shelter's safe harbor area.  Walsh says a typical sentence for potentially dangerous dogs is an 18 month period of observation. Winston would be required to complete obedience and canine good citizen classes. 

"It's the judge's decision in the long run," Walsh said.  Although keeping up with all the response has been time consuming, Walsh says she and her staff are doing their best.

"We do respond to them and try to educate people about Winston's situation.  We're not here deciding whether he gets to live or is euthanized that happens in court," Walsh said. 

The next court date for this case is Thursday.

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A makeshift lock on a chain link fence was no match for the dog employees at Mann's Welding call Winston.

The 80-pound pit bull mix managed to break free Sunday. That's when Michael Emerling received a call from police.

"When they said he attacked a car," said Emerling, "I wasn't prepared for what I saw."

Winston chewed the front bumper of a patrol car completely off, bit through two tires, and left teeth marks in the side panel of the vehicle.

The Chattanooga Police Officer behind the wheel was clocking speed when Winston launched his attack.

The Officer was sitting in his car, filling out a report when he says the car began shaking. That's when he got out of the car and discovered the dog attacking his car.

The Officer used pepper spray, and then a stun gun but not even that could stop the dog.

"The dog apparently rolled over and started chewing on the prongs, pulling them out of his skin," said Officer Rebecca Royval, spokesperson for CPD, "then he kept going."

Royval says when back up arrived Winston then chewed the tires of the other patrol car.

Eventually the dog was captured by animal control officers, with the help of one of his owners.

"Obviously at some point yesterday he was not a nice dog," said Emerling, "but previous to that he was very sweet."

Emerling says Winston will occasionally show aggression toward lawn equipment, but has never hurt anyone.

Still, after this incident Emerling says he can't risk what could happen if Winston attacks again.

"We can't take the chance that the next time something sets him off it won't be a car," said Emerling, "if it were a person -- we just can't take that risk."

Tonight it's unclear what the future holds for Emerling's pet. The dog is being held at the McKamey Animal Center. His owner has been cited, and will appear in court.

SUNDAY, MARCH 14th 8:30 PM

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A bulldog was pepper-sprayed and tasered and its owner cited after the animal attacked two police cars and two other cars in Chattanooga Sunday night.

While running radar at 1410 Workman Road, a Chattanooga Police Officer's patrol car was attacked by a bulldog. 

Chattanooga Police Officer Clayton Holmes says he had been running radar on Workman Road when he felt his car shaking after stopping to write a report. He got out of the car and noticed a bulldog chewing on his patrol car. The dog chewed two tires and the entire front bumper off of the car. The dog also attacked 2 cars belonging to private citizens driving by and a second police car that arrived on scene during the incident. Chemical spray and a taser were used on the dog. The dog continued its attack.

Police then called for backup. McKamey Animal Center personnel responded to the scene and managed to capture the bulldog along with two other dogs with it. 

The investigation revealed that the dogs managed to escape from behind a fence at Mann's Welding.  The owner of the dogs, Nancy Emerling, was cited by McKamey and all three dogs were removed from the property.

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