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Girl Gets Christmas Wish: To Dance with Soldier Father

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Chattanooga (WRCB) - Most little girls ask for dolls or toys for Christmas, but not Nola Beth Greene.  The five-year old new exactly what she wanted from Santa.

"She wanted to dance with daddy," said Nola Beth's dad, Specialist Paul Greene.

Nola Beth told her mom, Sandy, all she wanted from Santa was to dance with her father while he was home from Iraq on leave.

"We dance.  I reckon all fathers dance with their daughters," Paul said.

So Sandy searched and found a dance benefit sponsored by USA Dance.  She surprised Paul and Nola Beth with tickets. 

"It was a blessing to be here and to get to see all of the ballroom dancers," he told Eyewitness News.

Nola Beth was a little too shy to take to the center of the dance floor, but she and Paul were able to dance in their own little world, a world away from what Paul faces daily when in Iraq.

"It'll keep me going for the several months I'll be gone," Paul said of the dance.

All funds raised at the benefit will go to support the Austin Hatcher Foundation for pediatric cancer.

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