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Soddy-Daisy Teacher To Receive Kidney from Son

By David Carroll

SODDY-DAISY, TN (WRCB)-   Trevor Fuller is one of Soddy-Daisy High's best known teachers. The Navy veteran began teaching eight years ago, doing some volleyball and wrestling coaching on the side.  Then in 2006, he received "a medical wakeup call."  He ways, "I was at a wrestling tournament and got really sick. The  doctors looked me over real good, and told me my kidneys had shut down."

Two years ago, Fuller went on dialysis, which can take between nine and eleven hours a day. He continued teaching, cut back on coaching, and went on the National Kidney Transplant waiting list.   He says,  "I was uneducated, I didn't know a lot about it. It was a little scary."

That's when Fuller's son Ryan came forward.  Like his dad, Ryan is a Soddy-Daisy High graduate, and a former wrestling champ.  Doctors determined that Ryan was a match, and having just turned 21, the UTC student is set to donate a kidney to his father at the end of this semester.

Fuller says, "My son is a real champ, he stepped up, volunteered to donate, and we're doing it in two weeks in Cleveland, Ohio."

Ryan says, "It's been difficult watching him go through this.  I want him to lead a normal life, I want him to be able to live the way he used to."

Ryan's friends say they're not surprised at his courage and devotion.  Girlfriend Ashley Humphrey says, "I look up to him for that.  He's doing the right thing.  We're all hoping for the best."

Soddy-Daisy senior Elaina Spiekermann says, "They're some of my favorite people.  I know it's all about love.  Ryan's getting nothing out of it except knowing his father will be OK because of him."

Fellow senior Ashlee England says "Mr. Fuller is loved by everyone.  He's helped all of us in the classroom and in sports.  We're all pulling for him."

Fuller says he expects to be back to school this fall, thanks to modern medicine and a son he can count on.

"My doctor says most likely, barring any complications, I should return to a normal lifestyle, that's what we're hoping for."

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