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Bees Invade Chattanooga Home

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Lauren Brown
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB) - Lookout Pest Control believes Africanized Honey Bees invaded a Brainerd home and here's why.  Thousands upon thousands of bees were swarming the home.

And worse, they were extremely aggressive towards any sudden movements and they' ll attack.

"It's all bees," said Chad Haney with Lookout Pest Control.

It's easy for Exterminator Chad Haney to spot these thousands of bees, he's the one who help destroy their colony.

"The swarm was as high as that tree and it was just a mass cloud," said Haney.

The honey bees got into the house through this small pipe in the wall.

"We actually had to drill some holes in the foundation block and fumigate the entire inside of the house with some area space foggers," said Haney.

The homeowner didn't want to go on camera.   But she tells Eyewitness News she was out of town when the bees swarmed her home.  Only her mother and grandson were home and within minutes Lookout Pest Control was there to help. 

"They were actually nesting inside of this block wall from the interior part. At the top of the block is where the drop ceiling starts from the inside part of the basement. And so when I lifted the ceiling tiles that's when they actually starting coming out of the hole here and outside," said Haney.

Forcing exterminators to spray everywhere.

"As I went outside, as high as the trees and over the roof there was a swarm of thousands of honey bees, which were very aggressive," said Haney.

Which explains the large amount of bees still left around this tree.

But as for where the bees came from, it's still a mystery.  Haney believes they are African Honey Bees.

"Due to the size of the colony and aggressive behavior they were actually swarming us when we had on our protective gear but we weren't hurt or anything like that," said Haney.

Concerned about the large number of bees Haney sent samples to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.  They expect to have results next week.

There haven't been any reports of Africanized Honey Bees in Tennessee since January of last year.

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